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Our Mission Statement and Our History

Our Mission

With tight schedules, traffic, parking, restrictions and other stresses that accrue, it's no wonder that on-site and delivery options have become the popular way of enjoying services and goods. Because of the high demand of on-site massage, Morning Hill has strictly become a mobile massage business, which also allows a much wider range of clients that we can conveniently serve in and around the city. Whether at work, at home, or during your stay in the Greater Portland Area, our mission is to create a rewarding experience by bringing our quality massage therapy services to you.

Morning Hill Massage Mission
Morning Hill Massage

Prepare to Unwind

Upon arriving at a punctual time, the therapist will respectfully exchange greetings and set up at the designated area provided for the massage session.

Morning Hill Massage

Discuss Your Personal Needs

Before the massage begins, a written and/or verbal intake session will take place between you and the therapist to ensure the perfect, customized massage for you. The intake will include previous and current medical history, desired pressure, modality/technique requests, and music options.

Morning Hill Massage

Receive a Customized Massage

Enjoy your personalized massage session. The therapist will let you know when you have a few minutes left. Be sure to have time after the session to re-hydrate and take it easy as you experience a state of relaxation.

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History of Morning Hill

About Rita, the founder

Morning Hill Massage was established in Portland, OR in 2013 under Rita Asaoka and has recently become Morning Hill LLC in 2015.
Rita started her massage experience when she was young by offering courtesy neck and shoulder rubs to her family and friends. Alleviating the common symptoms of stress, tension, and musculoskeletal pain through a natural and more desirable approach, she quickly discovered the benefits and the high demand for massage therapy. It soon evolved into her passion and career choice.

Graduating as Valedictorian of her class in 2012 at Anthem College in Beaverton, Oregon, Rita launched her career working at a local clinic and has since locally contracted for a luxury car dealership, offices, events, and a hospital.

Her experiences also include:
• Regular at home massage therapy sessions
• Company visits for employees, staff, customers
• Sporting events
• Company parties
• Spa themed parties
• Non-profit organizations
When Rita isn't spending her time expanding Morning Hill and improving her massage skills, she is playing piano, classical guitar, tabletop board games and loves painting, writing, learning and the great outdoors.