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About Morning Hill LLC

A message from the founder and lead LMT

Were you or someone you know in a car accident within the past two years and looking for massage and chiropractic care? Call us today to set up your COMPLETE coverage of both your massage and chiropractic visits (free of charge).

We only work with the best: visit skylinechirollc.com and call 971-226-7025 for any questions to and schedule your FREE appointment with our Chiropractor, Dr. Wallis.

Let’s face it, our lives can get stressful. Whether you work, go to school, and/or are a stay at home parent, a demanding schedule will eventually wear us down and can cause unwanted tension and pain. With Morning Hill, I bring my massage therapy services to you so you don't have to worry about the hassle of commuting. Going mobile also provides more options for those who are limited to at-home care as well as services to locations outside the home, like at your work or an event!

To me, "Morning Hill" symbolizes the awakening of a balanced start to your life. Knowing that life can involve hills and obstacles, Morning Hill is dedicated provide a refreshing approach to overcome your common stresses. Also, on a personal note, "Morning Hill" is the English translation to my Japanese last name: Asaoka.

I believe that my job is a way for me to give back to my community. Growing up in the greater Portland area, I want to return the favor Portland has generously provided me throughout the years with its people and beautiful presence of nature. I soon realized Massage Therapy was the perfect way to provide that positive service.

I look forward to meeting and working with you on your goals for a brighter and productive life!

In Health and Relaxation,

Rita Asaoka, LMT
Founder and Lead Therapist
Morning Hill LLC

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Morning Hill Massage Rita Asaoka

Photograph taken by Kevin Machtelinckx

Mobile Massage Therapy

For whatever the occasion.

Morning Hill Massage
At Your Office

Give the ultimate gift of appreciation to your employees, customers, staff, AND yourself.

Morning Hill Massage
Events & Parties

A popular choice for guests and attendees to commemorate an unforgettable time.

Morning Hill Massage
At Your Home

Forget traffic. Create your own tranquil and enjoyable experience with a massage at home. Bonus: grab your robe and prep a bath right after.

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Top 4 Benefits of our Massage Therapy modalities

Major health advantages have never felt so great


Swedish style Relaxation Massage uses five styles of long, flowing strokes to massage with lighter pressure to induce relaxation.

Increase Flexibility and Performance

Sports Massage is a form of Swedish massage that includes assisted stretching for performance and muscle conditioning.

Soothe Knots, Aches, and Pain

Deep tissue and Trigger Point therapy are focus based therapies where deeper pressure is involved to specific areas to reduce nodules (knots) and tension.

Enhance Well-being

Help/treat/reward yourself. Massage therapy can help improve your overall mental and physical health so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Satisfied Customers

I had the best chair massage by Rita! She is friendly and easy to talk to and I give her 5 stars! I know who I'll be calling to get a massage!

Barbra R.

Rita is fantastic. Very pleasant and professional. I was dealing with muscular pain in my upper back and neck so I was happy that she responded to my voicemail almost instantly and setup an appointment for the next day. She showed up on time, and with just a 30 minute treatment had me feeling tons better. Beyond a great massage, with Rita you'll get a high level of dedication, enjoyable intelligent conversation, and an overall positive vibe. Highly recommended.

Brian A.

Rita came out to my house and administered the firm and expert work my aching lower back needed after some muscle damage from weightlifting a one year old. Her hands are methodical and responsive, and she did just the right amount of checking in on pressure to make sure I was comfortable. Her mobile table is super comfortable and her setup/takedown quick. I would definitely recommend her services.

Rachel H.

Rita is very talented at what she does! She is very considerate and professional. Knowledgeable about stretches and is flexible with scheduling. I would recommend Rita as a massage therapist for she is very personable!

Sarina U.

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